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"How should I diet with prediabetes and gout? "

ZocdocAnswersHow should I diet with prediabetes and gout?


It is hard for a non medical person to figure it out correctly. My approach was to exclude from the diet for prediabetics food that is harmfull for people with gout. Is there a better aproach?


First of all, congratulations on your attempts to make healthy diet choices. Now that you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and gout, you are correct that it is very important to control what you eat, both to prevent attacks of gout and also to prevent progression to full diabetes. I would recommend that you discuss this issue in greater detail with your primary care doctor, who will be able to guide you over the coming months and years as you make healthy diet changes. Your doctor will also be able to refer you to see a nutritionist, who can make specific recommendations tailored to your unique situation. In general, the basic principles of a gout diet include restricting the amount of animal protein that you eat (more likely to bring on gout attacks). It is also important to limit alcohol consumption and to make sure to drink plenty of water. A diet for pre-diabetes will include limiting your intake of "empty" sugar calories and making sure to eat small, balanced meals that are limited in starches. For both conditions, maintaining a healthy weight is also important. Although diet is essential here, regular daily aerobic exercise is equally important. Good luck, and please see your doctor!

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