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"Why do I have a lump on my elbow that makes my arm numb?"


no trauma, it just appeared about a year or so ago and its gotten a little bigger like i said it makes my arm either tingle or go numb why is that?


I would recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor about this issue, especially since it has been persistent for the last year and the lump is growing. There are a few different potential causes of your symptoms, many of which depend on where exactly the lump is and also where the sensation of numbness or tingling is occurring precisely. For example, a common place for these lumps to appear is over the inside edge of the elbow.

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When this happens, there may be some compression of the ulnar nerve, especially if you accidentally bang the lump on a hard surface, resulting in numbness and tingling mostly down the pinky side of the hand. In this setting, the lump may be either a small cyst overlying the ulnar nerve, or it may represent a neuroma of the ulnar nerve itself. Based on what your primary care doctor finds on examination, they will be able to recommend potential treatment options. If there is actual evidence of nerve compression or any concern for a neuroma, your doctor will probably want to refer you to an orthopedic specialist to determine whether any surgical treatment is needed to remove the lump. Good luck!

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