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"Is Qnexa FDA-approved yet?"


Ive gained 50 lbs in the last 7 months and no matter how hard I try I can't loose any but seem to keep gaining it. I've had my thyroid and cortisol levels checked and they're fine. What can I do?


Qnexa is an investigational drug for weight loss that has generated considerable interest because it showed significant weight loss (when compared to a placebo medication) in several studies. However, Qnexa has still not been approved by the FDA yet, citing various safety concerns that emerged in these studies. I think it is good that you have had some basic blood work done to look at your thyroid and cortisol levels as the amount of weight you say you have gained is quite significant.

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It might be worth going back to your primary care doctor again, if you have not done so in a few months, for a repeat or potentially more comprehensive blood work evaluation looking for causes of this prolonged and significant weight gain, and also to look for any emerging complications such as diabetes. If, however, this blood work all comes back normal, then you will need to start working on some various weight loss strategies. These will need to include a clear and strict diet and exercise plan, which is something that a nutritionist, as well as your primary care doctor, can help you with. Your doctor can also discuss other weight loss strategies with you, which might include a different weight loss medication or a referral for consideration of bariatric surgery.

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