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"What's wrong with my bowel movements?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's wrong with my bowel movements?


when i do number two i bleed real bad it turns the water red


Blood in the bowel movements is a very concerning symptoms and it needs to be checked out right away by your primary care doctor. By far the most common cause of blood in the bowel movements are hemorrhoids, which are small, swollen veins that develop around the rectum and anus and that can bleed when irritated. Hemorrhoids should cause blood that sort of sits on top of the stool or that is noticeable on the toilet paper when you wipe, but the blood should not be actually mixed into the stool itself. Although hemorrhoids are not a very serious problem, intestinal bleeding as a cause of blood in the bowel movements is very serious. If you notice that the blood is mixed into the stools, or if your stools have turned blackish in color, then this is more concerning for intestinal bleeding and would require more immediate evaluation by your doctor. I suggest that you schedule a visit with your primary care doctor's office right away. In the meantime, if you start to experience very significant bloody bowel movements, or if you have any symptoms such as dizziness or abdominal pain, these could be signs of a serious intestinal bleed, and you should go to your local emergency room for evaluation.

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