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"What are the best ways to treat hair loss due to PCOS?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the best ways to treat hair loss due to PCOS?


I read that minoxidil and Nizoral shampoo were good options


Hair loss can definitely be a problem in some women with PCOS. The hair loss occurs because of excess circulating levels of testosterone, which is also associated with some of the other symptoms of PCOS. Since the hair loss is related to circulating testosterone, it is generally treated in much the same way as it is treated in men. As such, topical minoxidil would be one of the first treatments to try in most cases. In cases in which minoxidil does not work, there are also some oral medications that might be tried. I would suggest that you first see a dermatologist or your primary care doctor about the issue. It is important to make sure that the hair loss is indeed unambiguously from your PCOS and not from another condition effecting the scalp, such as dermatitis or a scalp infection. I say this because the treatments for the two different types of hair loss are obviously quite different. For example, you mention Nizoral, which is an anti fungal medication that is very effective in some cases of scalp dermatitis (by killing off the fungus that is involved), but which will have no effect on true PCOS-related hair loss. Please see your doctor soon, and good luck.

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