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"Is nine days too long for fever and body aches?"

ZocdocAnswersIs nine days too long for fever and body aches?


I am a 26 year old female and 9 days ago I started having lower back aches that I thought may be associated with a new workout regimen but then started feeling achy all over like you would with the flu. 4 days ago I was feeling at my worst with fatigue and chills so finally took my temp and it was 101. I've been taking Mortrin and Tylenol which relieves some of the soreness but I still can't kick this fever. Went to doctor yesterday and they said my white count is fine and couldn't find any reason to treat me for any bacterial infection, just said I must have some virus. Just seems like a long time for unexplained fever and body aches with no other symptoms. Should I be concerned? My lower back is mainly hurting again not my entire body, not sure if thats because I'm keeping the meds in me or what.


It does sound like you have developed some sort of viral type infection. There are many different viruses it could be, and you likely won't be able to figure out which one it is. One of the more common types of viruses that cause illnesses like what you have is the influenza virus. This is the virus that causes the flu. Typical symptoms are fevers, chills and myalgias (muscle aches). These types of things usually pass on there own. It sounds like your doctor has already done a fairly good workup since he/she already checked your white blood cell count. Since there are other possible causes of your symptoms, you should not ignore continued symptoms. Please continue to discuss this with your primary care physician for that reason. Another blood test can be performed along with possibly a chest x-ray to make sure you don't have a lung infection. A urinalysis is also necessary to rule out any infection in the urine. Most likely, you will get better in a few days. Good luck, and please discuss this with your doctor.

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