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"I have a swollen fallopian tube. What does that mean?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a swollen fallopian tube. What does that mean?


I have my tubes tied and no longer get a month period due to having my uterus burned


It is hard to answer this question specifically without knowing a bit more about your situation, but I can provide some general comments. First of all a "swollen" fallopian tube is generally a term that doctors use to describe a situation in which the fallopian tube is inflamed or has a collection of fluid in it. The most common causes of this swelling would include an infection in the fallopian tubes, called pelvic inflammatory disease, and endometriosis. These conditions are both less common in people who have had their tubes tied off, but whether or not they are possibilities depends both on your other medical problems and also when exactly you had the procedure performed. I suggest that you sit down with your OB GYN doctor to discuss your concerns in a bit more detail. I imagine that they are the ones who mentioned the swelling of the fallopian tubes, which was probably seen on an ultrasound. Based on what else they know about your case they will be able to help you interpret a bit better the situation and decide what needs to be done, if anything. The fact that you are also not having periods should be investigated, especially if you are young, to make sure that this is normal menopause and not another problem.

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