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"I fell and hit my head to two weeks ago and it its still very sensitive. Is this bad?"

ZocdocAnswersI fell and hit my head to two weeks ago and it its still very sensitive. Is this bad?


I have a cut from the fall. The injury is in my left eyebrow.


It depends on what you mean by 'sensitive.' Sometimes, it can take several weeks for cuts to heal completely and, while they are healing, there can continue to be residual swelling and pain for some time. If you notice, however, that the cut is not looking like it is healing well (for example, if there is pain or redness or drainage that is getting worse over time), then these would be signs there could be an infection of the area or another complication. In either case, you should go see your primary care doctor to make sure. If on the other hand by 'sensitive' you mean that you are having headaches or other more generalized symptoms not related to the specific cut on your eyebrow, then this is more concerning for a possible concussion. A concussion is a minor brain injury that can occur with a hard blow to the head, and it can result in multiple lingering symptoms, including headache, dizziness, trouble sleeping, and the like. If you have any concern that you might be dealing with a concussion, then you definitely need to see your primary care doctor at your earliest convenience.

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