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"Just found out I have pelvic phleboliths. Should I get further testing?"

ZocdocAnswersJust found out I have pelvic phleboliths. Should I get further testing?


Had recent x-ray for "clicking" noise when I walk. Pelvic phleboliths were seen. I understand that their presence can indicate a more sereios condition.


A phlebolith is nothing more than a small calcified area within a vein. They are very commonly picked up by accident on radiology studies, such as x-rays. They are especially common in veins in the pelvis and, since an x-ray of the bones in the legs, such as the one you just had, often capture the pelvic region as well, it is not surprising to me that this was picked up. In fact, almost 50% of women probably have some pelvic phleboliths. Almost all of the time, pelvic phleboliths are benign and do not require any further treatment or evaluation. Very rarely, the phleboliths may be a sign of another more serious condition, such as a tumor. However, this is quite unusual, and most doctors do not feel that evaluating them further is necessary. Additionally,for what it is worth, these phleboliths should have nothing whatsoever to do with the "clicking" noise you are experiencing when you walk. This noise is more likely related to something going on in your hip. Please make an appointment to discuss this issue with your primary care doctor, or whichever other doctor ordered these x-rays. Good luck.

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