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"What is causing my chronic headaches?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is causing my chronic headaches?


I dont know how much longer I can tolerate these headaches because it makes everything/life more difficult and frustrated big time. I have tried alot, nothing seems to work. I am not insured, so I pay for visits and scripts with cash. Doctor I have been seeing, just does not care. I am done with him & went to him because he only charged me $50/visit and is close to my home. But he is useless. Any suggestions?


I am really sorry to hear that these headaches have been such a chronic and difficult issue for you. I do understand that not having insurance is a factor that makes your choices much more complicated. However, all things considered, what you really need is to connect with a good primary care doctor who can give you the attention and time that you deserve and need. There are several different things that a good primary care doctor will be able to do for you. First, they will be able to rule out the rare but very bad things that can occasionally be the cause of severe chronic headaches, such as brain tumors. Most of the time, these things can be largely ruled out with just a good physical examination. Next, they will help you define what type of headaches these are exactly. This is a very important step because the type of headache will help determine what the right treatment is. For example, tension headaches are treated much differently than migraine headaches. Once this is defined, a good primary care doctor will also be able to work with you to figure out which medications will be most affordable for you, given your lack of insurance. Good luck.

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