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"What could cause no period for 3 months and hot flashes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could cause no period for 3 months and hot flashes?


very tired and sleepy


I strongly recommend that you talk to a doctor about these symptoms if you have not done so already. Either your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor would be a good place to start. The most common cause of cessation of periods together with hot flashes is menopause. This typically occurs in middle-aged women and, if you are in this age group, then this could certainly be going on. What happens in menopause is that the ovaries gradually stop producing sufficient levels of the sex hormones, leading to loss of the periods and, at the same time, various other effects throughout the body, some of which include mood changes and hot flashes. Your doctor would be able to perform an examination and, potentially, check some basic blood work to confirm the diagnosis of menopause. In younger women, hot flashes and loss of periods is more concerning, because this could be a sign of premature ovarian insufficiency, which can occur for a wide range of reasons, including genetic factors and autoimmune disease. For this reason, if you fall into this age range, then you will likely need a more extensive workup by your doctor to figure out what might be going on. Good luck, and please see your doctor soon.

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