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"Is this permanent concussion damage?"


Almost two years ago my mom fell at work. She was unconsciousness and mumbling. She has gotten better. But her boy is all out of whack blood pressure, pain, head pains, dizziness and more. There is a slim recovery in her since then. But it seems to be getting worse, I don't know bc I am with her all the time. I know she went for test a couple of weeks ago and they diagnosed her with brain damage. So my question is is there a chance she will snap out of it?(one doctor said that there has been little study that some people after 5 years will)? Can it get worse? If it does is there anything we can do to help her?


I am sorry to hear that your mother is dealing with all of these issues. Concussion, as you probably know by now, is a type of injury to the brain that occurs usually after a fall or a blow to the head. Although most people who suffer from a concussion do go on to a full recovery, some people do not.

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Numerous symptoms of concussion, including chronic headaches and dizziness, can go on for months to years in some people and, in fact, may never entirely resolve. I would recommend that your mother make sure to see a neurologist specialized in the treatment of patients suffering from severe or chronic effects of concussion. They will be able to give you a better sense of her over all chances of making a recovery, and they will also be able to help you come up with a plan for treating the symptoms. Also it would be good to have a full checkup with her primary care doctor. Some of the symptoms you mention, such as high blood pressure, are unlikely to be caused by the concussion, and so it is important to look for and rule out other causes of her symptoms.

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