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"I'm having a terrible allergy symptom - what should I do about it?"

ZocdocAnswersI'm having a terrible allergy symptom - what should I do about it?


I went to different doctors & other than listening my story & wrighting me a prescription they couldn't help me much. i got itchy eye, itchy nose , runny nose, itchy ear, itchy throaght, bad dry cough that cause me to vomit recently & atsma that has been active along with my allergy . I was taking many over counters medicine & now I only been taking Claritin D, and it seems im not getting any better. help place?


Allergy symptoms are very common in the spring, generally because pollen counts are rising and are a major trigger of allergies for most patients. The fact that you are also having symptoms consistent with asthma is concerning, as this means that you are reacting quite strongly to the allergic exposure, and that you need medical help. Your primary care doctor should be able to help with this issue. I understand that you have visited with some doctors already and that you are taking Claritin for symptoms. Although these are a good start, often treating allergies effectively requires several trips to the doctor in order to try several different combinations of medications until the right one is found. I would not give up after a single visit, and recommend that you call your doctor's office right away to set up a followup appointment. Also, your doctor will be able to evaluate whether or not you are really dealing with asthma symptoms in addition to allergies. If so, this will require additional medications, as the medications that are used to treat allergies will not always result in simultaneous resolution of the asthma symptoms. Your doctor can help you sort this issue out. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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