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"Is it best to wait until gums are healed after the extractions?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it best to wait until gums are healed after the extractions?


I recently had to have all of my teeth removed. Is it best to my dentures put in directly after surgery? My dentist says that it is better for me to have the teeth pulled and then wait for my gums to heal and then get the dentures. I opted to go with what my dentist suggested, although walkng around with no teeth is not any fun! He says there are stages to doing it correctly that should be taken to getting proper fitting dentures, as opposed to having them made and rushing.


I am sorry to hear that you had to have all of your teeth removed; however, it does sound like you have found a good dentist! I would strongly suggest that you continue to follow up with this dentist and that you follow his recommendation on how to proceed with fitting for dentures. I do understand that it is not fun to walk around in public without teeth. However, right after you have your teeth extracted, there is a lot of swelling in the mouth and the gums. If you try to fit the dentures over this swollen tissue, there is a risk that, down the road, the dentures will no longer fit well as the swelling goes down. Also dentures can be a bit irritating to the underlying gum tissue at first, so it is best to have that tissue well healed before placing the dentures on top of it. Your dentist will follow you closely and will be able to tell you when your gums have healed sufficiently and when the swelling has gone down enough to proceed with fitting for dentures. Keep discussing your situation with him, and ask him if you have questions. Good luck!

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