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"Can I take percocet if my last period was less then a month ago?"


I am trying to get pregnant, and experiencing pain in my knee. I have previously torn ligaments in this knee and may have redamaged it. My dr. gave me a prescription for percocet. Is it safe to take percocet if my last period was less then a month ago, but I have already ovulated and been sexually active during that time?


This is a perfect question to ask your OB GYN. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) uses a rating system to describe whether or not medications are safe to take when pregnant or when planning to become pregnant. Percocet is a Category C medication, which means that we do not have any good studies that show whether or not it is safe to take Percocet during pregnancy.

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We do know that taking Percocet late in pregnancy is not good, because it may cause respiratory problems in the baby at birth. However, we do not have data on whether or not it is safe early in pregnancy. Generally speaking, it is best to avoid all medications (such as Pregnancy Category C medications) that do not have a documented safety in pregnancy if you are trying to become pregnant, unless there is a pressing medical reason to take them. This is especially important early in pregnancy, as the period right after conception is very critical for formation of all of the major organs. You should discuss this issue with your OB GYN doctor. They will be able to give you advice about which medications are best for you to take in this situation and, if necessary, they will be able to give you a prescription.

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