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"Orange smear like marks on legs during my period - why?"

ZocdocAnswersOrange smear like marks on legs during my period - why?


I believe it is hemosiderin staining but without trauma or treatment done. I noticed twice in past few months towards the end of my period. I have mild iron-deficiency and very heavy periods, if it has any relevance.


The best thing to do is to schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor or with your OB GYN doctor, who can take a look at the spots and most likely quickly figure things out for you. I can think of a few different possibilities that your doctors might consider. First, I wonder if it is possible that these orange marks might represent staining of your skin with menstrual blood? You mention that your periods are quite heavy, so if you have any leakage of menstrual flow onto the skin of your inner thighs or genital area, this might be a possibility. Another possibility is that the discoloration is staining from a sanitary product (such as a pad) that you are using, but again that would depend on the location of the marks, which is not entirely clear from your question. On the other hand, if the marks are lower down on your legs, the may represent small bruises, which often can have a yellowish or orangish coloration to them as they heal. Make an appointment with your doctor to address this issue at your convenience.

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