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"Is Renova good for both wrinkles and acne?"

ZocdocAnswersIs Renova good for both wrinkles and acne?


I have acne but also want anti-aging benefits.


Renova (tretinoin) is a topical cream medication that is very commonly used by dermatologists and primary care doctors in the treatment of acne. It primarily works by increasing the turn over of skin cells and keratin on the surface of the face, which leads to smoother skin and less plugging of pores, thereby preventing the acne spots from forming. Because of its effects on skin cell turnover, tretinoin cream is often also used in the treatment of minor wrinkles and scars, where it can produce an improved appearance of the skin in some cases, although the response is less predictable than for acne. Tretinoin cream is not, strictly speaking, anti aging. I mean by this that it does not actually slow down the change in the skin that are brought about by aging and sun damage. However, it can often improve the cosmetic appearance of some types of skin spots. In order to know whether or not tretinoin cream is right for you, you will need to have a visit either with your dermatologist or with your primary care doctor. They can examine your acne areas and other skin blemishes and help determine whether this is the right product for you!

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