ZocdocAnswersThere's a lump on my back - what should I do?


There's a lump on my back - what should I do?

The lump was tiny at first it it grew a little,it's also hard. squeezed it nothing happened.


You should discuss this issue with your doctor, as there are a variety of different causes of such a lump. If the lump does not involve any tissue beneath the skin, then it may be a type of mole. Some moles are benign, but some can be cancerous; those that are cancerous often have defining characteristics such as changing over time, having irregular borders/colors and bleeding. If the lump does extend beneath the surface of the skin, this could be consistent with something like a cyst or lipoma. A cyst is essentially a sac that contains either air, fluid or semi-solid material, and is comopletely benign the vast majority of the time. A lipoma, on the other hand, is a benign tumor comprised of fat cells, and is usually describes as a soft and mobile mass. Please seek out the help of your primary care physician or a dermatologist to rule out any dangerous causes of your lump and come up with a definitive treatment plan. Good luck!

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