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"What does it mean to have degenerative disease in the hips?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does it mean to have degenerative disease in the hips?


my doctor said I have degenerative disk disease in my sacrum and my hips keep popping, my doctor said it is because of this condition, what does this mean? and, how do I prevent further damage? and, will it require surgery in the future?


Sorry to hear that you are having these problems. I recommend that you discuss this issue with your primary care doctor. Degenerative disease of the sacrum and of the hips are actually separate conditions (the first causing back pain and stiffness, the second causing pain and stiffness in the hip joints themselves). However, they are related to each other in that both tend to occur with age and represent "wear and tear" on the bones and joints of your body over time. As such, neither condition is curable, but the symptoms can be controlled, and your doctor can help you with this. For example, both conditions generally respond to judicious use of pain medications, as recommended by your doctor. Also, in both conditions, continued activity and physical fitness can slow down decline in function and improve certain symptoms, especially stiffness. Also, keeping a healthy weight can prevent excessive strain on your joints and improve symptoms. In some cases, especially with hip joint problems, it is necessary to have a hip joint surgery. Your primary care doctor can help you assess how severe your symptoms are and, if necessary, refer you to an orthopedic surgeon for consideration of whether or not surgery is the right option for you. Again, please talk to your primary care doctor about this issue. Good luck!

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