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"What are spots that appear on hands and feet?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are spots that appear on hands and feet?


I get red PAINFUL (i cant walk) spots on my feet, and just recently on my hands. They swell up and itch when they start to disappear. My tongue has swelled up once. I have went to the ER and to my dr, They did blood test, but they counldnt find nothing wrong.


Of all the symptoms you mention, the tongue swelling is most worrisome to me, because that could definitely indicate a serious allergic reaction. I would definitely suggest that you follow up with either your primary care doctor or an allergy specialist about this issue. If possible, prior to this visit, you should try to think back to see if you can remember any association between the tongue swelling episode and ingesting any particular food or any other specific environmental exposures, as these might be clues to the potential allergy. In some cases, your doctor might recommend that additional blood or skin testing for allergies be performed to see if the offending agent can be identified. They may also recommend that you care a special emergency medication with you at all times that you can use in case of another episode of tongue swelling. At the same visit, your doctor can also look at the red spots on your hands or feet, which could also be consistent with an allergic exposure, although they could also be related to something else entirely. In the meantime, while waiting for your appointment, if you experience another episode of tongue swelling, you should go immediately to the closest emergency room for evaluation and treatment.

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