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"What is an exophytic cystic fibroid?"


And what is a functional cyst? i have a cyst on the left ovary measuring 2.7X1.8cm since i both fibroids and a cyst will i be able to have children?


I assume that you are asking this question because you have recently had an ultrasound of your pelvic organs showing these findings. It sounds like you actually have two separate findings on the ultrasound. First, you have a cyst on your left ovary.

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Second, you have one or more fibroids, which are benign muscular tumors of the uterus. An exophytic fibroid is a fibroid which is growing out of the uterus into the abdominal cavity. Generally speaking, small cysts on the ovaries, like the one you have, are of not much medical significance, especially if there is just one. Most women will have cysts from time to time in the ovaries, as this is a normal part of the process of ovulation. Multiple cysts may be a sign of a medical condition, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome. An exophytic fibroid also may not be a medical problem, depending on its size. Large fibroids, however, can cause pain and menstrual irregularity. They may also be associated with trouble with fertility, although most women with fibroids can successfully have children. I suggest that you discuss these findings in depth with your OB GYN doctor, who will be able to give you additional advice on how to proceed.

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