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"I broke my foot - what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI broke my foot - what should I do?


I broke my foot a few nights ago. i went to the hospital and they took an xray. An orthopedic looked at the xray over the internet I assume so he did not examine me, and said i broke the bone that is sttahed to the pinky toe. He said I won't need a hard cast and I could put some weight on it. They gav me a walking shoe and crutches and I have an appointment with him in a week. It feels like It is getting worse and the pain is now radiatin to the bottom of the foot and the whole side. should I be in a hard cast and not putting weight on it if it bothers me worse now?


I am sorry to hear that you had this injury to the foot, which sounds like it is becoming more and more painful! The good news is that you already have an appointment set up with the orthopedic doctor, and what you could do is give his office a call and let his staff know the new symptoms you are having. Based on this, he may have new recommendations for you (about weight bearing, for example). Many times, fractures of bones in the foot are quite minor and do not result in significant displacement of the bones. For this reason, many of these injuries are treated as the orthopedic doctor recommended in the emergency room, without hard casting and with crutches and partial weight bearing. Although most of the time this treatment strategy works just fine, sometimes the weight bearing may cause too much pain and swelling around the site of the injury. Since you already have crutches, you could probably just rely more heavily on them and avoid weight bearing for the next few days until you hear back with advice from your orthopedic doctor. Also, if you had any anti inflammatory or pain medication prescribed for you in the emergency room, that should help as well .

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