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"Are growth hormones for tooth tissue dangerous?"

ZocdocAnswersAre growth hormones for tooth tissue dangerous?


I'm currently considering tissue grafting using growth hormones, My dentist will be doing this procedure.


Grafting of soft tissue is a very common procedure that is done by dentists with specialized training in the technique on a regular basis. The procedure is usually done for cases of bad gingivitis, or gum disease, where the gum lining close to the teeth has been eroded away, causing decay or pain in the teeth. A successful grafting procedure can both improve the appearance of the teeth and gums and, more importantly, help protect the teeth from further decay and potential loss. As part of the grafting procedure, some dentists apply some local protein hormones directly to the grafting tissue. This is done in order to promote the success of the procedure and the healthy growth of the grafted tissue. Since the growth promoting substances are applied directly to the grafted tissue, there is very little absorption into the bloodstream and, as such, the side effects and risk from this part of the procedure are negligible. I would suggest that, prior to having the procedure performed, you sit down with your dentist to make sure that all of your questions about the procedure and about the recovery process after the procedure have been answered to your satisfaction. Good luck!

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