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"Is it bad if I don't wear glasses when I have -2.50?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it bad if I don't wear glasses when I have -2.50?


I only wear my glasses when I'm in my house I never wear it at school or outside I wear them when I'm watching tv and playing on the computer and if you don't wear them does your eyes get worse?


Glasses and other forms of corrective vision wear (like contacts) are designed to help you see better! That being said, the factors that lead to deterioration of the vision are, in most cases, independent of whether or not you actually wear them. In other words, not wearing your glasses shouldn't cause any worsening of your vision in and of it self. That being said, you should always wear your glasses when doing important tasks, such as driving, if your eye doctor has determined that doing so is necessary. Otherwise, you will be putting yourself and others at risk. Also, if you have any trouble seeing the board at school, that would be an indication for wearing the glasses. If you do not like the way the glasses look, then you could explore the possibility of contact lenses with your doctor. The major side effect of not wearing your glasses when they are necessary, other than not being able to see, is that this may contribute to eye strain or fatigue. Although this doesn't permanently damage your vision, it can be uncomfortable. I suggest that you talk with your eye doctor or optometrist, who can help you come up with a eye wear prescription that you feel more comfortable wearing all the time.

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