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"What could be causing skin roughness and flakiness? How can I correct it?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat could be causing skin roughness and flakiness? How can I correct it?


Skin is not red or blotchy, but is is dry and itchy wherever it is covered with clothing, except my stomach. And a bit rough to the touch. it is also flaky.


Since this sounds like it has been going on for a while, I would recommend setting up a visit with your primary care doctor. They can take a look at the skin areas that are involved and make a formal diagnosis for you. It sounds like the most likely cause of your symptoms is something called eczema. This is a condition in which the skin become irritated, dried out, and inflamed. Flaking of the skin and a rough texture are also typical. If this diagnosis is confirmed by your doctor, they will probably give you a number of different recommendations for clearing it up, including decreasing your exposure to hot water and soap (showers) as well as regular moisturizing of the skin with a good skin care product. In more severe cases, it may also be necessary to use a steroid cream, applied to selected parts of your skin that are most inflamed; if your doctor things this is necessary, they will be able to give you a prescription for the cream. In addition to eczema, your doctor will also consider other alternative diagnoses, including simple dry skin and contact dermatitis, although these conditions are also treated in similar ways to eczema.

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