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"What causes frequent urination after surgery and total hysterectomy?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes frequent urination after surgery and total hysterectomy?


Had a total historectomy done and peering a lot after.


You should definitely see the OB GYN surgeon who performed your hysterectomy about this problem right away. Total hysterectomy is a major surgery, and there are several complications that can occur after the procedure that need to be sorted out. If the procedure was difficult or just occurred (a few days ago, for example), then you may still be mobilizing and urinating out any fluid that you received intravenously as part of the procedure. However, if the surgery was more than a few days ago, it is more likely that you may have developed a urinary tract infection. In addition to frequent urination, other symptoms might include fever or pain with urination. Your doctor will be able to perform simple tests of a urine sample to see if this is what is going on. Occasionally, after a total hysterectomy, there may be relaxation of the pelvic organs, which could create a bulging of the bladder towards the vagina (called a cystocele). This could also causes urinary tract symptoms, especially frequent urination and an urgent feeling of needing to urinate right away. Your OB GYN doctor will perform a complete examination to make sure that the surgery is healing well and to rule out any complications.

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