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"What should I do about the painful sunburn on my face and arms?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do about the painful sunburn on my face and arms?


The pain level was at a 5, so I thought nothing of it. yesterday when I woke up the burn and the pain got worse, and I had a few blisters. Now today the pain is at a 9. I have a couple dozen blisters, dark bloches on my arms and there swelling up to about twice there size, and I feel really faint. please help what should i do


This sounds like a pretty serious sun burn and, as a result, you should seek medical attention right away. I suggest either going to see your primary care doctor or, if you can't get in right away, going to an emergency department for help. The first priority will be making sure that there are no deeper thickness burns that could result in scarring and require special treatment. Assuming you do not have any of these, the next order of business will be working on a skin care regimen that will keep the blistered and open areas from getting infected, and a doctor will be able to help with this. Also, they will be able to give you medications to help with the pain and with the inflammation. In the meantime, while waiting to be seen by the doctor, try not to pop or otherwise manipulate the blisters, as these are keeping the exposed tissue underneath of the protected from infection. Once the blisters are opened up, the risk of infection goes up quite a bit. Make a call to your primary care doctor right away, or get a friend or family member to take you to an emergency room or urgent care center.

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