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"Why are my ankles swollen?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy are my ankles swollen?


I'm a thirty year old women. its been like this my whole life. I've tried water pills and elevating my feet what else could i do?


Sorry to hear that this has been such a problem for you. With swollen legs, the most important thing is first always to rule out that the swelling is coming from a serious medical problem, such as a heart or kidney problem. That this is a serious problem is, of course, extremely unlikely in an otherwise healthy 30 year old woman, but nevertheless having regular check ups with your primary care doctor can give you the peace of mind that it is not. The most common cause of ankle swelling in women your age is problems with varicose veins. These can happen even in young women, especially after childbirth. In addition to water pills and elevating your legs, there are several other common remedies that can be helpful. One is restricting the amount of salt in your diet, as salt causes a lot of water retention. The other is talking to your primary care doctor about the possibility of wearing compression hose or stocking while you are up and on your feet; these will apply firm pressure to your ankles throughout the days, preventing fluid from building up in the first place. Please talk to your primary care doctor about this issue!

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