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"Why does my jaw hurt off and on?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my jaw hurt off and on?


Over the past two days my jaw has been hurting off and on and my front bottom teeth have been a little sensitive. Sometimes when my wisdom teeth grow a bit I have a little soreness, but last night it started hurting pretty bad. I took motrin pm and slept well, woke up with out pain, but a little sore. Just waiting for it to start up again


I suggest that you go see your dentist or your primary care doctor about this issue. It sounds like the pain is mostly in the teeth, and there are several different potential causes of the pain. Your dentist or doctor can help sort this out for you. One possibility that needs to be ruled out right away, especially if you have not been to a dentist in a while, is that this tooth pain is from a cavity or other condition affecting the integrity of the tooth enamel. Catching cavities early and fixing them is important, both to prevent and relieve to pain, but also to keep the teeth health and avoid more expensive dental procedures down the road. Also, you mention your wisdom teeth, and it is possible that the pain in your lower jaw is from overcrowding of your teeth from wisdom teeth coming in. Your dentist can take a look in your mouth for any evidence of this. If you do have tooth crowding, of course, you will need to eventually schedule an appointment with an oral surgeon to have the teeth extracted. Call your doctor or dentist and set up a visit as soon as you can, and good luck!

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