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"If one lung collapses, do you need surgery for the other?"

ZocdocAnswersIf one lung collapses, do you need surgery for the other?


My friend 54 year old feamle lung cancer, one lung almost is dead does she need surgery in order on the second one to take over.


I am very sorry to hear that your friend is dealing with lung cancer. As you know I am sure, lung cancer is a very serious condition, and it is very difficult to treat. If possible, treatment involves surgery to cut out the tumor from the lung where it is located. However, in most cases, the cancer has spread to far already for surgery to be effective, and in these cases are treated generally with a combination of chemotherapy (medications) and radiotherapy (radiation). Generally speaking, if surgery is going to be performed, it is done on the bad lung where the cancer is located. It is unusual to operate on the good lung, unless the cancer has spread over the the good lung. Therefore, I doubt that your friend is going to have surgery on her uninvolved lung. However, the only doctors who are completely qualified to discuss her treatment are her own surgeons and cancer doctors. They know her case the best, and so I would encourage your friend to have a meeting with them, so that she can have all of her questions about her treatment and prognosis answered to her satisfaction. It sounds like you are helping her through this process, and I am sure that is a great comfort to her!

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