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"What does fluid in the pelvis mean? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat does fluid in the pelvis mean?


I got a mri done an a small amount of fluid was found in the pelvis. It was done a month ago my last period was a month before that I got blood work done on april 24 dr said I'm not pregnant what could be wrong


It is very hard to interpret these finding on MRI without knowing more specifically about your case and your symptoms. For this reason, I would strongly recommend that you schedule a visit with the doctor who ordered this test; they should be able to explain to you what they are thinking and what they think the MRI findings mean. Very generally speaking, fluid in the pelvis on an MRI scan is a very nonspecific finding. Anything that causes inflammation of the organs in the pelvis can be associated with fluid there. For example, endometriosis, in which tissue from the uterus escapes into the abdominal cavity, could cause this. Similarly, an inflammation of the reproductive organs, like pelvic inflammatory disease, could also cause fluid in the pelvis. Fluid in the pelvis could also be caused by conditions not related to the female organs. For example, if you had colitis, or inflammation of the colon, as could occur in Crohn's disease or in ulcerative colitis, this could lead to fluid. Trauma or injury anywhere in the abdomen can lead to a leakage of blood into the abdominal space, and this can collect down in the pelvis regardless of where the original injury was. Talk to your doctor!

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