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"Can I get pregnant from dry semen?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I get pregnant from dry semen?


My bf ejaculated near my stomach (nothing got IN me im sure) and i accientally touched it. 2-3 mins later, i went to the bathroom to clean myself off and accidentally touched myself with my hands that had touched his semen. It was dry i believe but im not exactly sure. Also, im on birth control pills "sronyx" but I never use it at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME everyday eventhough i havent missed a pill in like a month (which i made up for by taking 2 pills as soon as i remembered). Can I still get pregnant?


Generally speaking, the rule of thumb is that it is technically possible to get pregnant whenever your genitals come into contact with semen, regardless of the mechanism. Drying does kills sperm, however the way you describe it, it sounds like total dryness is not a complete certainty here. However, the fact that you are taking a daily birth control pill should protect you against pregnancy. Although it sounds like you haven't used it exactly as prescribed in the past, the fact that you have used it appropriately for the entire last month definitely reduces your risk of getting pregnant a great deal. Also, the pill you are using is a combined estrogen and progesterone pill, and taking the pill at exactly the same time is less critical with combined pills than it is with progesterone only pills. Nevertheless, it always a good idea to discuss these issues with your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor, especially if you are worried. They can perform a physical examination and perform a pregnancy test if that seems like it is necessary. They can also, importantly, review with you the proper way to take your birth control pills to make sure you have those bases covered in the future!

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