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"I passed a Kidney stone - how should I store it?"

ZocdocAnswersI passed a Kidney stone - how should I store it?


Should I store it in water in a zip lock bag or without water if they want to test it?


This is great news! First, because I am sure that you feel a lot better and in a lot less pain now that you have passed your kidney stone! Second, it is really helpful to have the stone on hand, because your doctor can send it off for testing to see what kind of stone it is. Knowing the chemical composition of the kidney stone is helpful, because it can help determine if there was any preventable cause for the stone forming in the first place. For example, with certain types of stones, making some changes to your diet can prevent more stones from forming in the future, and knowing the type of stone can help you tailor your diet. For the time being, you should store the stone in a dry, cool, dark place. This will prevent it from dissolving or decaying away. A zip lock bag should do just fine! You should definitely not store it in water or any other liquid, as this could lead to dissolving or chemical changes. I would schedule an appointment with your primary care doctor right away, or whichever other doctor was managing your kidney stones, and let them know that you have collected this specimen. They will be able to tell you what to do with it next!

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