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"What do I tell my OBGYN if I'm addicted to oxycodone and pregnant?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat do I tell my OBGYN if I'm addicted to oxycodone and pregnant?


How do i tell my docter i am addicted to oxycodone during my pregnancy and what can they do to help me with the withdrawl symptoms and help me to stay clean???


The first thing is to recognize that you are not the only woman with this problem! Your OB GYN doctor is a professional, and this will most likely not be the first time that they have had to help someone deal with an opiate addiction during pregnancy. Being open and honest with your doctor is important, because if they do not know what is going on they cannot help! In fact, there are some pregnancy centers that specialize in helping out mothers who have substance use problems. These centers are great because you have access to counselors, social workers, and others in addition to your doctor. The principal effect of oxycodone on the pregnancy are in the labor and in the withdrawal symptoms that the baby experiences after birth. This is something that can be planned for in collaboration with your OB GYN doctor and your future pediatrician. Additionally, when you talk to your OB GYN doctor about your substance use problem, you can discuss whether a medical detox program is possible for you, as this depends a lot on what else is going on in your pregnancy, if you are also using any other drugs, and if you have any other medical problems. Good luck, and please discuss this with your doctor right away.

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