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"What is endocervical and squamous epithelium with inflammation?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is endocervical and squamous epithelium with inflammation?


I want to know what this pathology diagnosis means.


This sounds like the reading on a pap smear that you have recently had. There are two types of normal cells that are found on a pap smear. The first are endocervical cells, which are cells that are located near the mouth and in the canal of the cervix leading into the uterus. The second are squamous cells, which cover the exterior surface of the cervix where it is inside the vagina. Therefore, the presence of these two cell types on the pap smear simply means that the sample is an adequate one for ruling out the presence of cancer or a precancerous lesion. If any changes in the cells consistent with cancer had been identified, that would have been specifically commented on. "Inflammation" on the other hand means that white blood cells were noted on the pap smear. This can mean many different things, but usually what it means first is that an infection of the vagina or of the cervix, such as a sexually transmitted infection, needs to be ruled out. Therefore, it would be best to talk with your primary care doctor or your OB GYN doctor about this result, and they will be able to perform the next steps. Please see your doctor soon.

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