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"My pubic area is huge after having bladder surgery. Is this a hernia?"

ZocdocAnswersMy pubic area is huge after having bladder surgery. Is this a hernia?


After my 3rd bladder surgery this bluge started coming up. My pubic area is very large now and when I lay down goes back into me until I stand up and it is right back. It is fluid like and I can feel it drain back into me when laying down An idea?


I would definitely go see your doctor about this issue. Since this is an issue that began after your surgery, it would be best to go back and see the surgeon who performed the surgery, if you can. If not, you can go see your primary care doctor, and they can then refer you back to a surgeon for evaluation. Based on the description of the bulge that you give, I think you are right to be concerned about a hernia. Sometimes, after a surgery, the edges of the surgical incision do not heal together as strongly as the surrounding skin. Subsequently, as pressure is exerted on the incision during normal daily activities likely bending over and lifting heavy objects, the edges of the incision may become separated from each other. This may create a defect which allows things underneath to bulge through; this is called an 'incisional hernia'. Treatment for incisional hernia depends on where they are and how significant they are. Small incisional hernias may not require any treatment at all, other than observation to make sure they are not increasing in size. Large incisional hernias, however, often do require surgical treatment to close the defect up again. Good luck.

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