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What causes an itchy, red rash around the vagina?

circle red rash, no bumps, highly ichy, spreding up thigh.
The most common cause of a red rash that is itchy around the vagina is a candidal infection. This is also known as a yeast infection. A yeast infection often causes vaginal discharge that can be white and look something like cottage cheese. This type of infection can spread into the skin of the vagina and cause a candidal skin infection. The symptoms are usually red skin that can be very itchy. This type of infection is usually treated with oral anti-fungal medications such as fluconazole. Alternatively if the affected area is smaller, then you could use a topical medication. This would be up to your doctor. Another possibility is that you have a bacterial skin infection also known as cellulitis. This is a more severe condition and requires antibiotics. Often people also report fever and severe pain in the area; not so much itching. While this is less likely in you, it something that you would want to get ruled out. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she can exam that area and determine what it is you have. You should not require additional testing an you can get the appropriate treatment right there in the office.
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