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"How do you cure patulous eustachian tube dysfunction?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you cure patulous eustachian tube dysfunction?


I've been diagnosed with patulous eustachian tubes (PET) dysfunction where my eustachian tubes are open rather than typically closed and I suffer from autophony. I live in Asia and the ENT specialist at a big hospital tells me that the premarian nasal spray is not a medically accepted treatment in the ENT community. Also the premarin nasal spray is not being manufactured anymore. Can someone please let me know what can be used to treat PET? Thank you.


Sorry to hear that you are having such a problem with this issue. This is a good question to raise with your ENT. Patulous eustachian tube dysfunction, as you mention, occurs when the tubes remain permanently open. This is less serious than dilatory dysfunction, where they remain closed. Dilatory dysfunction causes symptoms like pain and stuffiness in the ears, whereas the only symptom of patulous dysfunction tends to be autophony. There are no perfect medical treatments for patulous dysfunction. Steroids and anti histamines are of no use for this condition, although some people are taking them when they are diagnosed because of concern from their primary care doctors that there may be an allergy component. For some people, dehydration is a major trigger for symptoms, and staying well hydrated can be an effective treatment. On the other hand, persistent or very severe patulous dysfunction usually requires a surgical intervention. There are several different surgical techniques that are used, but all of them essentially involve partially or totally occluding the eustachian tubes. I recommend that you talk to your ENT doctor to see whether or not they think that a surgical treatment is right for you at this time. Good luck!

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