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"What's causing this sharp stabbing pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat's causing this sharp stabbing pain?


I'm a 34 yr old man and the pain hurts more when i pass gass or pee. even when i do the other bathroom thing. it makes everthing sharp pains, but more in the penis area.pain is also in lower back and stomach area above genital area


There are a few possibilities to consider. Anyone that describes an exacerbation of pain with urination (dysuria) should be evaluated for a urinary tract infection. In men, a urinary tract infection is less common, and as such involvement of the prostate gland should always be considered. The prostate gland sits in front of the rectum, and if it is inflamed then having a bowel movement can also exacerbate the pain. A urinary tract infection involving the bladder can present with lower abdominal pain, and if the infection tracts up the ureters into the kidneys then a person may describe back/flank pain as well. Sharp pains involving the penis in sexually active men should also bring to mind the possibility of a sexually-transmitted disease. An STD can be associated with dysuria, pain, and may lead to penile discharge as well. You should consult with your primary care doctor to discuss your symptoms. A simple history and physical exam may reveal the answer. If needed, a urinalysis can be done to rule out a urinary tract infection, and testing for STDs can also be done via urine and blood testing. Again, please talk to your doctor!

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