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"What is the sore hard thing that reoccurs around the edge of my nostril every month?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the sore hard thing that reoccurs around the edge of my nostril every month?


I am a female 56 yrs. old. This seems to come out every month and is sore and hard. It never comes to a head but I pick at it until a small piece comes off of it. I get some relief from the soreness. I am curious to know whether this is a wart from a virus that may move from nostril to nostril edge.


It is hard to know exactly what this is without having a doctor look at it closely, but I think the most likely possibility is that you are getting small pimples or minor skin infections at the base of the hairs in your nose. When this occurs, you get redness and a swollen spot just as you would anywhere else on the body. However, because the tissue inside the nose tends to be very sensitive, these can be much more painful than they would be if they were somewhere else. The important thing with this small sores is to avoid picking at them. Picking simply increases the chances that the area will become infected, inflamed, or otherwise not heal well. In other words, picking will make the sore spots last longer. The next time you have one of these, you should go to see your primary care doctor, who can take a look and confirm the diagnosis. In response to your query about warts, it is possible to get this in this location, but that would be much less common than a common pimple. If you are getting frequent sores like this, you can also discuss with your doctor whether a topical antibiotic medication might be useful.

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