ZocdocAnswersWhy have I had hives for about 6 months?


Why have I had hives for about 6 months?

I have eliminated all new products and medication. it so happens that i had a ganglion cyst drained just about the time this started , and it did come back. is it possible that the cyst is leaking and causing the hives ?


It is not clear what type of a skin rash you have and where it is located. This is where a picture is truly worth a thousand words. The location and characteristic of a rash can almost always lead to a right diagnosis and treatment. In general, irritation of the soft tissue can cause the skin to get red and inflamed that results in a skin rash. Hives, on the other hand, are usually due to an allergic type of a reaction. People call many rashes "hives" but in fact most of the time it is not the case. Transient skin rashes do not always warrant a visit to your primary care doctor. However, any rashes that last more than 1-2 months should have a doctor's evaluation to make sure that it is not something else like psoriasis or eczema, etc. Other skin diseases can present similarly to a rash, or a patch that can be itchy. Still some systemic diseases can also present with skin lesions without local symptoms. Thus, a skin rash that persists for more than 6 weeks should be examined by a physician. He or she may opt to try a low dose topical steroid. If there is no improvement, your doctor may increase the drug level or get a skin biopsy. Good luck!

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