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"My ear right ear is itchy and clogged. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersMy ear right ear is itchy and clogged. Why?


The itch is happening some time ago but the like clogged thing just happened yesterday i am 34 and female.when i try to clean it with a qtip some black thing comes out and i dont produce wax anymore on that ear.


The combination of itching in the ear, a "clogged" sensation, and cleaning a black substance out of your ear canal all suggest to me that you probably have developed a buildup of wax inside the ear canal. The skin of the ear canal contains special wax producing glands. In some people, these glands can be a bit over active, creating the tendency to have wax build up. When the wax collects to a significant degree, it can cause trouble with hearing and can also be itchy or painful. Clogging of the ear canal with wax is often made worse by trying to clean the ear with q-tips; rather than cleaning out the canal, all the q-tips do is jam the wax back up against the ear drum, making it even more difficult to remove. You should go see your primary care doctor about this issue. They can look inside your ear canal and confirm the diagnosis. If you do have a build up of wax, your doctor can also remove it for you, either with a special long handled instrument or with irrigation. Afterwards, your doctor can give you a prescription for some ear drops to keep the build up of wax from recurring.

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