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"Can diet cause memory loss?"


Does drinking massive amounts of diet coke (3-5 a day) and chewing nicorette gum(5-10 a day 4 mg) have an affect on memory loss also does diabetes have the same affect?


There are many different factors that can influence memory. If you are having significant problems with memory, then that is a serious issue that you need to discuss right away with your primary care doctor. Your primary care doctor can perform a complete examination and help to determine whether this is something that needs further workup.

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Diet coke in moderation should not cause any particular effect on memory. However, in excess, the large amounts of caffeine that are ingested may have various effects, including irritation, agitation, tremors, nervousness, and the like. Similarly, if diet coke is being consumed to the exclusion of nutritious foods, it is technically possible to develop a nutritional deficiency which might have effects on memory. Similarly, nicotine ingestion in large quantities can have various effects on the body, including on the memory. In general, nicorette gum is not chewed, but rather is bitten once and then stored in the cheek. If you are chewing nicorette like regular gum, then you are almost certainly getting too much nicotine. Diabetes, especially when uncontrolled or when present for many years, can also have multiple effects on the body, including on the memory. Go see your doctor right away to get these issues addressed.

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