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"Why does the left side of my body often feel more tired than the right?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does the left side of my body often feel more tired than the right?


It is obvious in my left eye it becomes very tired looking and sunken in. It reaches my arm even sometimes my leg. I've spoke to several doctors about this for years now but I guess they think I'm dumb so I've never got any type of answer. I even think the left part of my throat has knots in it.


It is definitely worth talking to your primary care doctor about these symptoms again, perhaps at your next yearly physical or your next regular office visit. Weakness or similar symptoms up and down the entire left side of the body would be unusual. I say this because weakness that localizes to one half of the body is generally a neurological problem, and in the absence of a big stroke or other serious brain injury, it would be unusual to develop this pattern of weakness. Also a serious brain injury would produce serious, lasting symptoms, which it doesn't sound like you have. However, there are definitely causes of weakness that could be ruled out, and you could be experiencing these subjectively as affecting more one side of your body than the other. Also, there are a few causes of weakness that go along with eye symptoms where the eye appears "droopy" or sunken in. For example, myasthenia gravis is a condition in which muscle weakness, that include droopy eye, occurs in waves off and on and is often worse after exercise, changes in temperature, viral infections, or stress. Similarly, a problem with your thyroid gland may cause symptoms of weakness as well. Start by seeing your primary care doctor when you can!

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