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"Why do my ankles and legs below the knee swell?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do my ankles and legs below the knee swell?


Sometimes my left arm feels the same way. about 2 years ago was the first time my ankels got swollen, it only happen the once and then went away, and now for about 6 mnths it has been getting swollen more often with pain, and it will go away for the most part, they stay alittle swollen the whole time after a few days of putting ice on them and keeping my feet up. but it returns after a few more days and it seems to get more painfull each time, also my left arm kinda feels like its starting to feel like its swollen but my husband says its not. im only 33 years old and i have gained about 50 pounds in the last 5 years, the only health issue is my thyroid and thats at the lowest number so its not that bad. im affraid there is something seriously wrong, my blood pressure has always been great.


I strongly recommend that you go to see your primary care doctor about this issue as soon as possible. There are different potential causes for your swelling, and they can help you figure it out. First, this could be swelling from varicose veins or venous insuffiency, which is a common problem in women. The swelling is typically worse at night or when you have been standing on your feet all day. It is also a lot worse in people who are overweight, or with sudden weight gain, which might explain why you have noticed the problem getting worse recently. Second, the swelling could be related to your thyroid condition, and it might be worth having your thyroid blood tests checked again to see if medication for hypothyroidism might be needed. Finally, in rare cases, swelling in the legs can be a sign of a more serious heart or kidney problem. Your doctor will be able to perform a complete physical examination as well as potentially some other tests (chest x-ray, kidney blood work, electrocardiogram, echocardiogram) to rule out these possibilities. Not all of these tests may be necessary, especially if your physical examination is relatively normal. Book an appointment with your doctor today, and good luck!

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