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"Do O have folliculitis?"

ZocdocAnswersDo O have folliculitis?


My face looks like a have millions of whiteheads everywhere cheeks,chin, jaw and sides of lips. I pop them and it's like a typical whitehead. This has been an issue for the last month and half. How long does folliculitis?


It sounds like you might be just dealing with a bad acne flare. Whiteheads are one of the two common forms of acne (blackheads being the other). They are caused when the pores in the skin become clogged closed, leading to the accumulation of skin debris, bacteria, and oils (the "white" stuff). Folliculitis can also cause whitehead like formations, but folliculitis is rare on the face. It tends to occur on body areas with more course hair, like the scalp, armpits, or groin. I would suggest that you go to see your primary care doctor or your dermatologist about this issue. They can take a look at your skin and confirm whether or not this is acne or something else. Based on what they see, they can recommend a treatment regimen. Treatment for acne tends to include a good daily face cleansing regimen. In addition, a topical agent called a comedonolytic may be need to strip away dead skin and keep the pores open. Comedonolytics may be over the counter or prescription strength. Finally, in the most severe cases, additional medications such as antibiotic creams or tretinoin cream may be prescribed. Please set up an appointment as soon as you can.

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