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"Lately my left ankle and leg are swollen. Why?"

ZocdocAnswersLately my left ankle and leg are swollen. Why?


Had EVLT surgery in April. Had ultrasounds showing no blood clots. sometime it even feels like my whole leg is asleep, with little pin prick feelings


EVLT, or endovenous laser treatment, is one way of treating varicose veins. Veins in general return blood to the heart from all parts of the body, including the legs. Over time, as more and more pressure is built up in the legs as a result of repetitive use, prolonged standing, etc, the superficial veins may become more compliant and less elastic, causing them to appear dilated or tortuous on the surface of the skin. While the valves in these veins may become more leaky over time, they still help the body return blood from the legs to the heart, aided by contractions of the muscles in the legs. Following ELVT surgery, there are known complications that occur at very low rates, such as temporary paresthesias (abnormal sensations like they ones you describe), and very rarely, a deep venous thrombosis (DVT, or a blood clot). It is important to get ultrasound testing done in these circumstances to rule out a DVT. Some patients experience some phlebitis after these procedures, which is inflammation of the superficial veins, and other patients experience some edema as a result of decreased venous return. Wearing fitted compression stockings and elevating the legs as much as possible can help reduce edema and alleviate some symptoms. You should talk to the physician who performed your procedure and tell him/her about the problems you have been experiencing. Good luck.

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