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"Do I need to worry about bumps on my gums after having teeth pulled for dentures?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need to worry about bumps on my gums after having teeth pulled for dentures?


I had the last 7 of my upper teeth pulled almost three weeks ago. and now there are little bumps on my gums. will this interfere with getting dentures?


Getting teeth pulled is a traumatic procedure, and there is typically some swelling and inflammation at the site where the teeth are pulled out. Also, as the cavity left by the tooth fills in, there may be a residual bump as the tissue matures and heals. Generally speaking, what you are describing therefore sounds like normal changes that you would see after tooth extractions. However, I would definitely recommend that you follow up with your dentist about this issue. Most likely they have already given you a follow up appointment date, and you should keep that appointment. If not, I recommend that you schedule an appointment with your dentist now. Your dentist will monitor the healing in your mouth after the tooth extractions. When they feel that the swelling has decreased and the healing progressed satisfactorily, they will begin the process of fitting you for dentures. It is important not to rush this process, both so that you can have good fitting dentures and also to make sure that the gum tissue that the dentures will sit on is ready for the added stress of having the dentures rubbing on it. Again, please discuss with your dentist!

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