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"Yeast infection or more?"

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A little over a month ago i had sex with a new partner. I got tested after wards & everything was negative but i didnt get a pap smear. My discharge has gotten much thicker, like a thick, velvety lotion. The color is usually white.. but everynow and then its white/ mild yellow color. Usually no odor is present, but every now & then a mild scent. In the beging i noticed no burning/itching at first but ive noticed more latley ill have random moments of discomfort, are these normal symptoms of a yeast infection? i tooked those at home kit tests to check the PH scale of your vagina & siad i had a regualar 4.5 but could have a yeast infection.. i wanna know 1. after curing a yeast infection how soon is too soon for a yeast infection to reoccur? 2. Can reoccuring yeast infections cause a health problam? 3. Can frequently reoccuring yeast infections be the result of mild/seerious health problam?


I think this is definitely worth going to see your primary care doctor or your gynecologist about. There are a couple different causes of vaginal discharge, and a simple vaginal exam together with looking at some of the discharge under the microscope will help your doctor narrow down the possibilities quite a bit. A yeast infection typically results in a lot of discharge and considerable itching. There can also be burning and there may be redness of the skin around the vagina. Yeast infections are very common, and although the can recur frequently they are not usually a serious cause of health problems. In some cases, recurring yeast infections may be a sign of an underlying medical problem, most typically diabetes; however, it is important to stress that in otherwise totally healthy women, yeast infections are still really common. Another common infection is something called bacterial vaginosis. This is caused by an overgrowth of the normal bacteria that live in the vagina, and the resulting discharge is not usually itchy, but it does tend to have a bad odor to it. The last possibility is that this could be a sexually transmitted infection, and this is something as well that your doctor can easily test for. Please see your doctor soon.

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