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"What is this horrible pain in my shoulder/neck?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is this horrible pain in my shoulder/neck?


I have a ball-like thing in the back of my neck. Its located on the right side of the back of my neck, right where my neck and my shoulders meet; right near my spine if you move around and feel for it youll find the big ball.. my pain scale from one to ten always varies sometimes its not even noticable, sometimes mild and sometimes severe to the point that my entire neck and shoulders are completely stiff & sore & emits pain through my entire back... what can this "ball" be? Whats causing this ball? can this be a sign of an underlying health problam? how do i get rid of the "ball" and the pain?


I would definitely recommend that you make an appointment with your primary care doctor to discuss this issue. Any persistent pain or other symptom that does not go away should be investigated with your doctor' help to make sure that there is nothing serious or treatable. Your doctor should be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not the ball in your back is due to a spasm or soreness inside the muscles in that area or if this is actually a growth under the skin. If this turns out to be a muscle spasm, then it is probably from tension and overuse of the muscles in the shoulders. In addition to anti inflammatory medications, your doctor may prescribe some gentle stretching exercises or may send you to a physical therapist. More severe acute cases of muscle spasm may also require muscle relaxants. If, on the other hand, this turns out to be a growth under the skin, it may need additional investigation. Most growths under the skin are benign (not cancerous), however some can be cancerous. Therefore, based on what the growth looks and feels like, your doctor may recommend that that you have the growth removed by a surgeon.

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